Sep 15, 2010

Upgrade your brain for $9.99 - Part IV

Note: this is part IV of the ‘Upgrade your brain for $9.99’ saga; click here for part I, part II, and part III if you haven’t read them yet.

There are times when our ideals and convictions compel us to sacrifice everything we have and everything we are to protect that what is most cherished. There are times when a life more precious than our own must be protected at the cost of unbearable pain, at the cost of our very lives, we get no choice. It is at those moments in time when we think death is upon us, when we know the thread of our lives is about to break, when we are about to inhale our last breath with our reason-to-be still unfulfilled, with the missions of our souls incomplete; it is at those moments that we can summon unbelievable strength, the strength necessary to protect what is most valuable, the strength to protect that which otherwise would cease to exist.

This is the tale of Tetsuzaemon, champion of champions, the indestructible tower.

This is the tale of Tetsuszaemon, undefeated Yokozuna, protector of Celest.

This is the tale of the death of Tetsuzaemon.

They had finally arrived at the core of Science City; the Gates of Exact Truth rose mighty, way above their heads. At each side of the door a guard robot stood like a war elephant, one ton, two-and-a-half meter tall, solid metal, shining silver. Dwarfed right in front, the voluminous Tetsuzaemon stood challenging, sweating and breathing heavily, a step behind stood Celest wearing a dark blue dress that contrasted with her extremely pale albino skin and in her right hand she held a black worn out stuffed bear.

How Tetsuzaemon, the greatest sumo wrestler, became Celest protector is another tale that shall be told later.

Then, she commanded:

“Open the gate.”

The eyes of the robots lit up synchronously and a second later the metallic beasts charged towards them with brutal speed aiming at killing with one punch. However, as if he had predicted their attack Tetsuzaemon with fast reflexes stopped each of the robot’s fists with his bare palms. The impact felt like being stroke by a lightning of iron because the metallic surface of the robot was protected with an electric field. How Tetsuzaemon managed to stand still and not be thrown into the air is a mystery that can not be solved. Perhaps a secret stance passed down generations of sumo wrestler since immemorial centuries? Or just luck? In any case, his hands were burned, and the bones of his arms might have been fractured at several places.

“Out of the way vermin!” Said one robot.

And with the swing of an arm the machine slapped Tetsuzaemon in the face so hard that his body spun a couple of times in the air and tumbled down several meters after landing on the floor. Blood poured out of his face, and surely his jaw and face bones were broken in a thousand pieces; Tetsuzaemon lay unconscious.

One of the robots picked up Celest and lifted her above the ground; he could almost embrace her completely with one hand. With the other one he was ready to strike a blow. She screamed in pain as she was being electrocuted by the grasp of the behemoth, tears flowed uncontrollably, and fear of universal dimensions overtook her.

Perhaps it was the sound of her voice that resonated within Tetsuzaemon’s mind; perhaps it was the will to protect what he loved that still burned within his heart. But right before the robot stroke the finishing blow Tetsuzaemon had jumped onto the robot’s shoulder and with the force of titans tore off its arm releasing Celest. With the same force he swung the metallic arm to the robot’s head which broke and ended up landing on the other robot’s hands. The machines had not calculated that a mere human made of flesh and fluids could defeat its kind.

When the remaining robot tried to react it was already too late. Tetsuzaemon had charged with such impetus that the metallic beast lifted off the ground and crashed against the gate. Then jumping on the machine’s torso and using both hands the human was able to pull off its head while supporting the intense electric discharges.

Tetsuzaemon mission was complete now, his reason-to-be fulfilled. The blow that the robot had landed on Tetsuzaemon’s face had left him unconscious and at the edge between life and death, he had fought unconscious, he had protected Celest moved solely by the flaming will of his heart.

Tetsuzaemon kneeled and exhaled his last breath and the thread of his life finally broke.

It was now the time for Celest to complete her mission, but that is another tale that shall be told later.

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