Sep 22, 2010

Thank you letter to my dear readers

I never imagined that writing a blog could be so much fun! I had been thinking for a while about creating a blog and I never dared to do it because I was afraid I would leave it unfinished after just a few entries. However, I don’t know what changed within me but I took my chances, and it has become almost addictive… it has been very rewarding because it is the perfect excuse for me to write, perhaps my only true passion. I feel that my spirit has been unleashed, I feel freer.

But what is a blog without people to read it? Writing this blog has also been very rewarding because in such a short time I’ve had more readers than I could have ever imagined, it has totally exceeded my expectations: including friends, relatives, and random people from all over the world. I’ve had readers already from all the continents except Africa!

The dots are the last 100 readers, almost all the corners of the Earth!

I wonder what’s wrong with Africa that they are missing of such wonderful and poetic writings!?

I want to thank you, I feel indebted, because in you I find the motivation. I want to show you a bit of myself, a bit of what I’m doing and of what I’m thinking, I want you to smile, to be entertained, to steal you a laugh. Perhaps to teach you something, perhaps to inspire you a little bit. And you never know, you never know what good will result from it, what seeds of goodness and happiness might sprout out of those letters.

Thank you so much for reading, for giving me those minutes of your time; I hope your visit was worthy and I will see you again… because the next story I want to share with you will be out very soon!

Take care,

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