Aug 14, 2010

Upgrade your brain for $9.99 - Part II

By the time she was five years old she was able to speak and write fluently forty three distinct languages. By the time she was seven she could play about almost every single instrument in an orchestra, except those that were too big for her little hands or just too heavy. When she was nine mathematics and physics were a piece of cake. For her tenth birthday she could probably recite any poet or philosopher; and it was part of her routine to be consulted by experts to discuss the pros and cons of a certain economical model, the consequences that passing a given law could bring to society, or the effects of a newly design metabolic network could bring to an organism. Her wisdom was vast, perhaps infinite… and that scared and annoyed a lot of people around the world.

She had been designed that way, the pinnacle of scientific achievement. She was the first human being whose brain structure, composition, and development had been planned and designed even before she was conceived. The world went crazy when the project was first revealed to the public, protest movements were created by the thousands, religious leaders condemned it as a demonic act and political leaders condemned it as a violation of human rights and the obliteration of morality. However, there was little they could do about it, more than two centuries ago a new nation with complete autonomy was erected for the betterment of human kind and the advancement of civilization; after a couple of decades of much deliberation and planning, the highest authorities of Science City gave green light to the project and thus Celest was born.

What no one ever imagined or expected after decades of rigorous planning and experimentation and even though her genome had been sequenced to perfection is that she was going to be an albino. It caused tremendous uproar around the planet, needless to say. But in spite of her extremely pale appearance, white hair, and purple colored iris; she grew up to become a perfectly healthy, well behaved happy kid, until she was ten years old…

Then something extremely unusual happened, at the beginning it was impossible to notice but after a few years it became obvious that she had stopped aging. She remained in any sense like a ten years old little girl. Now she’s twenty and still she looks like ten, there was no adolescence, not a single sign of physical deterioration or neurological degeneration: she is perfectly fine, she just… stopped growing old.

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