Sep 18, 2010

The Pelvic Strike

You are just about to learn the most amazing dance move of all time. A dance move that transcends time, cultures, religions, borders, and musical genre. This ancient secret dance move had been passed down generations of great dancers since the dawn of human kind, it helped shape civilizations and has an impressive hypnotic power capable of entrancing huge crowds. All of those who have understood and practiced these moves had undoubtedly achieved greatness.

Without further ado I introduce you: The Pelvic Strike.

1. In order to perform the Pelvic Strike successfully it is necessary to assume a powerful stance, this stance is a declaration of conquest, it tells the masses around that you have conquered the world, that the dance floor and the universe belongs to you. This is accomplished by pointing towards the sky with your right arm, the arm should be lifted at least 20° above the shoulders. It is extremely important that your arm is fully extended, your elbow must NOT bend at any time otherwise it would imply hesitation on your heart.

pelvic thrust2. The knee of your right leg should be slightly bent forward, and your left hand should be around the hip level. This helps to draw attention to the pelvic area.

pelvic thrust3. Move your pelvis backward.

pelvic thrust4. Then STRIKE! The “strike” is accomplished by thrusting your pelvis forward with impetus! Then the pelvis is moved backwards again as in step 3, just to thrust forward once more: a smooth thrusting motion is essential for achieving a powerful entrancing effect. Some people make the mistake to call this move “the pelvic thrust”, this is incorrect.

pelvic thrust5. After a few seconds of pelvic striking with your right arm pointing to the sky, step 1 to 4 should be repeated this time with the left hand to the sky.

6. Use with moderation.

7. Conquer the world.


  1. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajjajaajjaja

  2. I LOVE THIS TANAI!!! I just wonder if girls can do it too... :)

  3. I'm practicing.. but I'm confused with the right and left side of my body now...