Sep 7, 2010

Facebook mobile identity verification problem

So yeah, my facebook account is pretty much blocked and I can’t login again. Today after sending a few emails facebook asked me to confirm my identity using my mobile phone and getting a confirmation code by sms. My country (France) is not listed on the drop-down menu so I clicked on ’My mobile service provider isn’t listed’, then it appears a new link saying ’view popup to add number’, I input my number and it asked for the confirmation code, but the sms with the code never arrived!!

There’s a link that says ’Never got your confirmation code? Let us know!’, if I click it, it asks me to login, but I can’t login if I can’t confirm my identity with the code that never arrived!!

I’ve been looking at forums and I realized I’m not alone, many people is having exactly the same problem with no solutions! For example, click here.

If anyone reads this blog post and has an idea of what to do, please post a comment.

I’ve tried everything I could think of, but in vain. I’ve reported it to facebook but you know that it's always an automated response what you get as a reply, and there’s no one you can call personally.

Is it my facebook account doomed? Can it be? I heard that someone managed to solve it but inputing a telephone land line, but that was in the USA. I've not seen anything like that so far...


to solve this problem what I did was to contact a friend in Colombia; since Colombia actually is in the drop-down many where you find the mobile operators. I asked him to get a code for me, and using his code I confirmed my identity.

I recommend you to contact facebook and report the problem using the help forms, every day. A few days after I did get answers from people in facebook that were going to help solve the problem.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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