Sep 24, 2010

Une belle histoire d'amour - Chapter I

A lot of times we think that the most beautiful love stories are those ones where the bond between the lovers is so strong that it endures the unstoppable pass of time and overcomes even the most difficult obstacles. I disagree, I believe there is also immense beauty in very short relationships were love blooms fast and intense like the dandelion early in the spring, just to wither as fleetingly.

It was the beginning of March of the year 2008, Sweden: the copious amounts of snow where already melting away. I met her a Thursday night in one of the nightclubs organized weekly by the student societies (also known as Nations) from Uppsala University. Thursday nights belong to Stockholms Nation, a big house half modern from the 60’s and half from the XIX century. The place is famous (or better, infamous) for attracting the best looking girls in Uppsala and according to my very objective opinion as an artist; I think it is true.

I was chilling out with my very good friend, we were at a lounge a little bit apart from the madness of the dance floors; we were just drinking a couple of beers standing up and leaning on a tall pub table, talking some bullshit. To my left I had the most annoying and arrogant individual, and right in front of me at the other side of the table there were a couple of very beautiful ladies talking and chilling out too.

I remember the annoying guy to be from Costa Rica or something like that but living in New York City; he was bragging about the new job he had recently got as a photographer where he was going to earn incredible amounts of money. He was obnoxious, jumping and waving his hands from one side to the other… suddenly with a clumsy move he hit the table, bottle and glasses fell spilling beer and drinks everywhere. The two girls in front of me turned around to check what was going on and exchanged a couple of words with the annoying Costa Rica guy; he felt embarrassed and left to never come back and thus the conversation was automatically transferred to me:

“My name is Dr. T, what’s your name?”

“Mademoiselle B, nice to meet you.”

And the conversation started flowing smooth like the finest silk. And the cold side-by-side conversation slowly turned into a face-to-face, eye-to-eye, intimate and deep conversation… and time started to distort in that way that it is only possible when there is a strong chemistry. Mademoiselle B’s friend went away when she got bored just to reappear later and give her goodbyes, my good friend did equally. And so it started, perhaps one of the sweetest (and shortest) romantic experiences in my life.

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