May 30, 2011

Season two begins now

It is time for me to resume writing my adventures, stories, and personal reflections on the ways of life. It is time to begin with the second season of Tanai’s Amazing Blog that is celebrating ten months and twenty days of existence! And today, the 30th of May of the year 2011 at 17.41, after a break of a couple of months, directly from the city of Paris, I bring you post number 49!

Going back to my first post, a kind of little poem in prose, I expressed my feelings of doubt and uncertainty on the path I have chosen to live. Today again, I am once more confronted with life defining questions: what am I going to do next? Where will I live next? Will I be able to get the job I want even when my chances are minuscule? And even if I get it, is that what I really want to do with my life? What if I don’t get a good job? How will I support myself and my parents? Will all go to waste?

Saturday night, I’m invited to a party at a club called L’Arc very close to the Arc de Triomphe. So far, the best club I’ve been in Paris… and when I mean the best, I mean the most incredibly looking girls on planet Earth. This is it, this is the place I’ve been looking for, this is the Paris I was looking forward to experience. Then in a dramatic turn of events we must leave the club very early before the place reached maximum temperature. I must come back, it’s my destiny, it’s written in the book of life.

I just got tickets to Colombia, it’s been three years and a half since I went there last time, since I saw my dad, my relatives, and some of my best friends. I miss the people, I miss the people I love, I miss them immensely… yet I do not miss my old life, I do not miss neither my hometown nor Bogotá, not at all; I’m glad those days of suffering are over. From now on I hope I can visit more often though, at least two times a year. That’d be truly wonderful.

I stumbled upon a book called ‘The Book of Five Rings’ by Miyamoto Musashi. It was written in 1643 and it deals with the way of the samurai. Miyamoto was a samurai himself and his first duel to the death took place when he was thirteen years old: he was victorious. He dueled more than sixty times until he was twenty-nine and not a single time he was defeated. He says the following about the state of mind:

Let your inner mind be unclouded and open, placing your intellect on a broad plane. It is essential to polish the intellect and mind diligently. Once you have sharpened your intellect to the point where you can see whatever in the world is true or not, where you can tell whatever is good or bad, and when you are experienced in various fields and are incapable of being fooled at all by people of the world, then your mind will become imbued with the knowledge and wisdom of the art of war.

I abhor war, yet I would like to achieve that level of knowledge where I can see whatever is true or not. I still wonder what it feels to put your life on the line… to be at that moment when hesitation would mean to be slashed by the sword of the opponent and be split in two. Madness? Courage? What is that?

Today I have done no work whatsoever. I’ve been doing just chores, paying bills, writing some letters and things like that. My laboratory seems deserted, I can come and leave and meet no one in the corridors… I kind of like it better that way.

It’s going to be a long weekend starting on Thursday. What surprises will life bring me? What interesting adventures?