Aug 15, 2010

Colombia in Japanese Anime, Roberta from Black Lagoon

I don’t know by now how many days of my life I have wasted watching Japanese anime and reading manga… and let me tell you it should sum up to a lot of wasted days. From all that I have seen I never encountered anything remotely related to Colombia, and why should I? The majority of anime and manga stories happen in Japan, in fantastic or alternate realities, and perhaps sometimes in America.

I was watching an animated series called Black Lagoon, based on the manga by the same name written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It’s about a group of mercenaries that smuggles stuff in and out a remote island called Roanapur, Thailand. The anime is great, a lot of action, interesting and engaging storyline, and great quality animation… yeah, so episode 9 (Maid to Kill) and 10 (the Unstoppable Chambermaid) is about this woman called Roberta who was once upon a time a guerrilla fighter from FARC! Now she is the maid (and bodyguard) of a Colombian man and his son, from the Lovelace family, if I remember right a cartel family… the kid for some reason shows up in Roanapur, he’s been kidnapped or something, and Roberta is coming to rescue him killing everything that moves on her path! She’s almost like a terminator, super strong and resilient… as the episode title says, she’s unstoppable and really scary. I was thinking that if FARC could train such kind of warriors, Colombia would be utterly doomed.

Roberta from Black Lagoon

It seems that Roberta became quite a popular character since it has been announced that a new season of Black Lagoon will be released in 2011; and it’s titled Roberta’s Blood Trail. In any case, the anime is awesome so I really recommend it.

It’s kind of funny that the only anime/manga character I know that is actually Colombian had to be FARC… what a joke!

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