Aug 12, 2010

How to be patient, take it easy, OK?

Take it easy for a second; slow down… no need to rush it. Your turn will be soon, the queue will move, the metro will arrive to the station, no worries. Time will pass, soon it will be your birthday and then you will go on holidays to that amazing place. Time will pass, you will catch a cold and you will recover. You will fall in love, you will fall out of love and time will definitively pass. You will be proud and you will be disappointed, you will succeed and you will fail. You will experience unimaginable joy and you will suffer. You might suffer a lot and time will still pass, it all will be in the past some day. You will grow old, and you will see wrinkles decorating your face, you will have children, you will see them grow tall and smart, you will see them go one day. And your strength will fade away, and your sight will get blurry, and your teeth will fall… and your life one day will be over.

Just relax, no need to hurry… it is not that time will stop and keep you in such unbearable pain, discomfort, or embarrassment forever. Time will go on, minutes will turn into years, and years into thousands of years, and those will turn into millions… because time is unstoppable, our lives will pass, the human species will evolve and one day it will be extinct and time will still go on.

So, be happy: there is no need to be upset if you missed the bus, someone was too rude, your couple dumped you, you just did not get the job of your dreams, or you just got an incurable disease. Time will pass and it will be over… because after all, compared to the dimensions of time, our life is as good as if it never even happened at all.

Fossil dragonfly 70 million yearsA 70 million years old libelula

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