Oct 5, 2010

Claude Monet in Paris, Exhibition 2011

I have no words to describe how sublime Claude Monet’s paintings are. Each one of them is so vivid, so colorful, and so full of intensity. My mind was blown away when I attended the new Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais of Paris; right now, the biggest one of its kind in the world, with over two hundred paintings of Monet that spans all his entire life.

It is greatness! It is a testament to talent and hard work, to a life completely dedicated and committed to art. What devotion, what love for art! I’m so impressed and so inspired.

Last Saturday night was Nuit Blanche in Paris. It translates literally White Night but it actually means a sleepless night, it’s a cultural night beginning in the evening of the Saturday and ending with the dawn of the Sunday. All museums are open over night and free, with hundreds of activities around the entire city, theater, performances, films, concerts, etc, etc, plus all the crazy people everywhere in the streets.

Me and my friends decided to go and check out the Monet exhibition that will be open until the 24th of January, 2011. We arrived at a quarter to eight in the evening just to find a huge line with a sign saying four hours waiting time! Four hours! I guess it was to discourage people because it took us only one and a half hours to clear the line. And it was TOTALLY worth every single second we spend in that stupid line; little we knew about the feast for the eye and the soul that was just about to begin.

Killing some time in the line with friends

One of my favorite paintings was Jeane-Marguerite Lecadre in the Garden (1866, he was 26 then), the green of the garden is so beautiful contrasting with her white dress in the corner.

Claude Monet ParisJeane-Marguerite Lecadre in the Garden

Another one of the most memorable paintings for me was The Walk, Woman with a Parasol (1875); so dreamy and ethereal!

Claude Monet Paris 2011The Walk, Woman with a Parasol

The Self Portrait (1917) is also quite amazing; he transmits this feeling of wisdom and kindness.

Claude Monet Paris 2011 Self Portrait

And last but not least… it impressed me a lot when I inspected it from a very close distance. At first glance you could think is just a bunch of lines thrown there randomly, but if you look carefully it’s actually made of thousands of colors. Pretty awesome, that painting was called Weeping Willow, Giverny (1920-1922, he was then 80 years old when he started painting it).

Cloude Monet Paris 2011Weeping Willow, Giverny

All in all, it was spectacular. If you are in Paris or coming to Paris before the exhibition is over, you must see it because it brought Monet paintings from collections all over the world; most of his greatest masterpieces are there, so probably it won’t happen again in a long time. Check out the website of the exhibition which is quite cool and has all the paintings exhibited there, click here.

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  1. Tanai, I LOVE Monet, I think he's actually my favourite painter. Daniel had already told me about the exhibition, he really like it too. I guess I will just have to go to Paris before the end of January. :P