Oct 1, 2010

The end of FARC and the Colombian conflict

I’m sure by now pretty much anyone that watches the news, reads a newspaper, or has a Colombian friend knows about the dead in combat of Mono Jojoy, the maximum leader of FARC. The hope for a new day without conflict seems to be just one step ahead, so close… a new era for Colombia, new times of peace, progress, and development.

Could you imagine a developed Colombia? A Colombia that is part of the G8 for example? With universities that rank in the top 100 best ones in the world? A Colombia that wins many gold medals in the Olympics and fight for the first place at the World Cup? Can you imagine a country where social classes don’t have to be categorized from one to six? Where everyone can go to school and university, where everyone gets a fair salary? A country of progress, of technological advances that have global impact? A country that exploits the biodiversity potential of its lands in a profound and sustainable way? A country with no poverty? A country with leaders that inspire you rather than disgust you? A country with no corruption at all, for example?

palma de cera colombiaColombia's national tree: Ceroxylon quindiuense

Then I realize that the reason why Colombia is not at the top goes beyond the existence of the armed conflict that has plagued our country for so many decades. I realize that the reason why Colombia is not at the top perhaps lies within us all, all of us Colombians. Some people blame the conflict that causes war, violence, devastation, and hate; some people blames the politicians and leaders that are corrupt, avaricious, and selfish; some people blames America for oppressing us with their imperialist capitalism; some people even blame the Spanish conquest from which we have been free for 200 years already!

But I blame us, every single one of us Colombians. We are all the same, one unity, one country: guerrillero, politician, homeless, entrepreneur, housewife, priest… we’re all one. We Colombians don’t fight for what is right, we behave badly, we take advantage of our neighbors and fellow citizens, we don’t respect the norms, and our values are messed up: “the Indian malice” we say proud! What the heck? We are all raised under the same values, we are all Colombians.

Where is the goodness I wonder? The desire for a better change? Why is it not a burning desire to make a Colombia a better country, the best country?

How is it possible that the military would kill thousands of innocent people just to cash a money reward as in the “false positive” scandals?

How is it possible that some people using the so called “Ponzi Schemes” wouldn’t mind to leave millions of Colombians in poverty?

I remember when I last came to Colombia three years ago; I switched on the news on TV and the first thing that I saw was a man that was stabbed to death just because he told the perpetrator not to pee on the street! And also some people set a minibus on fire with the passengers still alive inside, for whatever reason! All that in the same day!

Don’t be fooled my dear readers, because they are also part of Colombia, these are the people we go to school with, we pass them by when we walk down the street. These people are just the other Colombian that thought such acts of criminality were OK. How can someone do anything like that?

So what does it take to rocket our country Colombia to the heights of progress and development? What does it take to see Colombia at the top? What do we have to do?

The 'Palma de Cera' pic was originally posted to Flickr by Natalia Vivas at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mollyparker/3359041426/ under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic.


  1. The answer: Education. But not only the formal subjects that are given as now. It is necessary a real education that allows people to wonder about their own existence and impact of their acts. It is to go out of our current position and to have the responsibility to chose correctly our political leaders and to have the courage to reject the injustice.

  2. Esa imagen está buena para una linda acuarela. La tomaré prestada como modelo.