Oct 8, 2010

A lucid dream

Today I want to share with you a crazy lucid dream I had last night. I wonder if you, my dear reader, have ever heard about lucid dreams… a lucid dreams is when you remain aware and conscious during the dream, so that you know that you are dreaming and sometimes you can control your dream and do whatever you want to do: like fly, or go out on a romantic date with Megan Fox! These types of dreams are kind of uncommon, but they are indeed a real type of dream that has been researched and tested.

Female Homo sapiens sapiens commonly known as Megan Fox

In my entire life I’ve had only two dreams where I become aware that I’m dreaming. The first one might have happened already like six month ago. It happened because I frequently dream about my teeth falling out… they’re such horrible nightmares! At the beginning I used to wake up when I panicked because I had the teeth on my hand. Then more recently, when I was in panic instead of just waking up so suddenly I started to think in the dream: “I must be dreaming; this is just a dream, this is just a dream!” and then wake up. In the last dream when I had the teeth in my hand I immediately knew that I was dreaming, so I forced my teeth to reappear! And then I tried to control my dream and change scenario, but I woke up. However the dream that I want to share with you is at a completely different level of craziness!

So I was in bed falling asleep peacefully, in that kind of mental state where you’re half awake and half asleep and the most random thoughts just pass by your mind. All of a sudden, I said:

“Dream now.”

And the dream starts! I remember the entire dream from beginning to end. Once I entered the dream state my body became ethereal, like a ghost. I passed through the bed, and passed through the floor, just to appear in the air free falling precipitously. It is night: a hundred meters below, the ocean; a couple of kilometers in the distance, a huge city in the cost brightly illuminated; behind the city, a mountain chain and on top of the mountain chain there was something like the Parthenon in Athens but fifty times bigger.

So I fell and fell! And I was going to hit the water, I felt that emptiness in the stomach and the anticipation of death and pain… but I didn’t hit the water, I just passed through because I was still a ghost; I didn’t get wet, I just kept on going down through the water. Then I thought “OK, if I keep on falling I will have to wait until I get out at the other side of the Earth, but the planet is so big that it might take such a long time!” So I forced the dream to reset, and suddenly I was in the air again free falling! Once again the void feeling in the stomach, going to hit the water, and I passed through the water once more! Then I reseted the dream a second time, I was in the air falling, but this time before I hit the water I flew like Superman!

I reached the city and landed in the nightlife area. There were night clubs all around and a lot of people. I entered a random club and inside there were quite a few beautiful women in their glittering party dresses and on their tall high heels. “Best dream ever!” I thought. So then I approached some girls kind of boldly with no regard for social etiquette; they (of course) reacted with surprise and I kind of chased them away.

I got a bit upset. I’m thinking: “this is MY dream, why people have to react as they would do in real life! It’s my dream, goddamn it! So they should react as I want them to react.”

And then the dream takes an even crazier unexpected turn and becomes kind of heavy and dark so I can not give you details: it’s censured. When I couldn’t stand anymore the darkness of the dream, so that I was getting too confused and things were getting out of control, I said:

“Wake up now!”

And voila! I’m awake.

The 'Megan Fox' pic was originally posted to Flickr by nicogenin http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicogenin/3620099396/ under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.


  1. That's funny, I mainly have such "lucid" dreams, but never had a date with Megan Fox :D

    And when you say, that the people should react as you want them.. It's not that easy (at least for me). It's easier to make something happen, which makes those people react some way or you can kind of transform the surroundings, which also helps you :)

    Ondřej Došek

  2. You are crazy, man!

    What I know about those dreams where you lose your teeth, is that they happen when you have too much bills to pay. I don't know why, but... I think it's true. I had the same dream some months ago, and I was in an economic crisis.

    Now, that thing about fall, an fall down... I don't know, but it's like what I feel before unfold myself. You know about those strange stories about souls that split out from its body... well, something like that.

  3. TEETH FALLING OUT!! i dream of that scene occasionally, since a few years back. in my country, superstitiously, it's a bad sign..LOL

    well :-)