Dec 5, 2013

Journey to myself - 23andMe, ancestry composition (Part 3)

I have finally gotten the full results of my ancestry, and as a good Latino I’m an extraordinary mix of peoples from all over the world.

53% of my genome is of European Ancestry, mostly Southern Europe: likely Spain but with a fraction of Ashkenazi Jew, which is a big surprise!

21.9% Native American! I so would like to know which tribes exactly. Hopefully, one day I could narrow my search to a particular Native American group.

5.3% Sub-Saharan African, mostly from West Africa. The health results also shows that I have the mutation that makes Africans great sprinters! I might give birth to the next 100 m World Record breaker.

0.5% North African or Middle Eastern, probably from my surprising Jewish ancestry.

And last but not least 19% unassigned awesomeness.

In conclusion, a true Colombian.

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  1. wonderful Tanai!!! Can I give you my DNA to analyze? :) I would like to know what's my percentage of Irish / viking genes I have! hihihih. Florence