Jun 17, 2013

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

I begin my journey to read the best 100 books according to the Norwegian Book Club. This list was compiled in 2002 by asking 100 authors from different countries to select their top 10 books and it is supposed to include books from all cultures and all times. I have decided to read them all in order to diminish my ignorance levels and become a better man. The list does not have a ranking so I decided to read them in alphabetical order by title, the first one being A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, published in 1879.

As of the day I saw the list for the first time I had never heard of neither A Doll's House nor of Mr. Ibsen. I must say this little book was a pleasant surprise. It is a play in three acts narrating the intriguing drama of a young married woman. It is not until the last act that you understand what this play is really about: a critic to society and the institution of marriage, in particular of women being oppressed, minimized, and underestimated by their husbands and society. In this case not really because of physical abuse but mostly because for her husband, she is just a pretty face with a vagina. It must have been extremely controversial when it was played for the first time, I wish I had been there.

As relevant then as it is today, unfortunately.

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