Nov 6, 2012

My political compass

With all the noise about the presidential elections in the USA, and after talking a bit about politics with my girlfriend inspired by the recent municipal elections in Finland... I ended up wondering what were truly my political tendencies. I don't think about politics that much, as in parties or '-isms', so I didn't really know, or wasn't really sure, how my sets of believes and ideas about society would align with certain political views. I had a slight suspicion at best.

I found an online test called the Political Compass, and after answering a bunch of questions I think the results are not too far off. I have added a chart... I'm close to Gandhi in political views, a bit more extreme though.

That's my placement in the chart

This is how I compare with some leaders

 This is how I compare with the USA 2012 presidential candidates

So, according to this it wouldn't make much of a difference whether Obama or Romney won the elections; they are pretty much the same. I'm the complete opposite.

These are the UK parties as of 2010. I'm closer to the Green Party

The great composers, I'm closer to Bartòk

You learn new things about yourself every day. 

How do you score?


  1. Haha, mine was very similar, but a point less left than you

  2. The extention of politics from a line (left and right) to a 2-dimentional plane is a very good idea.
    However, if you base your evaluation/analysis on two Leftwing politicians: Wilhelm Reich and Theodor Adorno, then obviously you bias the result. This way for example Obama became a Rightwing politician. Nothing is further from truth: Obama is a Lewftwing politician who would like to spend even his great-grand children’s inheritance.
    Also Adolf Hitler should be on the left side, he was the leader of National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ,NSDAP), interfered massively in the economy and was clearly a Socialist.