Feb 14, 2012

A reason to love

Dear everyone,

I write today because of the existence of Love. Valentine’s Day is something we do not celebrate in Colombia, at least not in February, but love is something I have known since the very moment I was born. I am grateful I have been loved by my mother, my father and my entire family at every moment of my life. I am fortunate I have been loved by friends, through my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood I have never lacked a good friend. And I have fallen in love too and been reciprocated beyond my wildest dreams.

I am sure that many, if not all of you my readers, share my same fortune: but even if you know no love, even if you have not been loved by your parents and family, even if you have no one you could call a friend, even if your heart is broken beyond repair, even if it seems your reality is a never ending nightmare, even then… you are alive, you have LIFE, you exist. And isn’t life such a wonderful thing? Life shaped by billions of years of evolution: life has seen the Earth being bombarded by meteorites capable of melting the entire planet’s crust, life has seen the Earth freeze from pole to pole for millions of years, life has endured it all and bloomed again and again from the brink of total annihilation. Life has endured the unforgiving past of time at an unimaginable scale and yet we are here today. Smiling or crying, in peace or in misery, here we are today alive. How could you not love your life? Even when no one loves you, you can still love your life, just because it is yours. No matter how dumb we have been, no matter how unfair it has been, we still have a chance at living. And if we are alive we can still love, we can still love ourselves and appreciate the very fact of our existence, because love is a great thing however you define it.

Love without measure; do not hold your love back, not a bit of it, what for? If you are afraid to be hurt you are a fool, if you think your love is undeserved or that you don't deserve to be loved you are an even bigger fool. If you think there is not a reason, you don’t need one… all the good things of life spring from the act of love, so do it, just love goddamn it!

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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  1. Long life my friend, long life to you my bro. Happy Valentine's. :)