Feb 25, 2012

I am a rowdy waterfall (Flash Poetry)

Can you write a poem in under 5 minutes? Here there are a few, each one in under 5 minutes.


Words to live
That is what I am
Many a path
A soul untouched
I carve myself into you
To sculpt with my will a poem
To free you


We can go wherever we want
The world is a heart
The world is a mango and an orange
The world is a woman and the world is a man
The world is a child, a surprise, a smile
The world is laughter
The world is insane
We can go wherever we want


Walking down the streets of Bogotá
Rain pouring cold and gray
The city of the brave and the fool
And an occasional murderer
Unbreathable concrete
An attempt at pride
The homeless dreams of fleas
The other rides along the mountain on an Andean horse
Those times are gone
Times of gold and wetlands
Now is the time of the cement and the bus
The Muísca reaches for tomorrow
Longing for the clear steel and the orchid

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