Feb 12, 2012

The Colombian experience

Sometimes I think about what it means for me to be Colombian: list the good and the bad, the positive and the dark, the promises of a future and the legacy we have inherited whether we want it or not, the heavy baggage of our traditions and the new paths of tolerance that we may be striving for. Yet all this is useless, it does not really matter what means to be Colombian, or Iraqi, Nigerian, Swedish, or Japanese, as a matter of fact. It does not really matter. We are what we are, we are all the same. I make myself responsible of my actions, I am not who I am because I was born in Colombia, I am who I am because I am Tanai. The same goes for everyone regardless of nationality.

No country is perfect, we should learn to enjoy the beauty of each country not limited to the boundaries of one nation. We should love each country for their uniqueness and beauty, and love their people too. We should be citizens of the world, because after all we are all the same. We all smile, we all cry, we all love and we all get hurt... it is that simple.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta seen from 10 km above sea level

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