Jan 17, 2012

The 'One Hundred Years of Plenitude' delicious dinner recipe for awesome citizens

I'm a scientist and as such I do experiments to uncover the mysteries of life. Sometimes I like to experiment outside the lab and in other everyday life places and situations. After much experimentation I have discovered and produced, part by serendipity and part by many years of cooking experience, a dish so exquisite and fast to prepare that all those who eat it are set on the right path to happiness. I have tailored this recipe so that your brain cells will be stimulated to induce a long-lasting feeling of plenitude and satisfaction.

For one person you will need:

-Two eggs
-Left over rice from lunch or the day before
-Tuna in tomato sauce
-Black pepper
-Soy sauce

Mix the two eggs with the rice and the tuna, add as much black pepper as you like. If you ran out of salt (like I did) you can add a bit of soy sauce. Then cook on a pan until it is dry.

This is how it should look like before cooking

Total time of preparation: 5 minutes
Number of calories: unknown, unimportant
Nutritional value: awesome
IQ enhancement: +10 points
Life expectancy enhancement: +20 years