Jan 12, 2012

Love and the Tree of Happiness

There was a tree like no other tree in the world. It was known by the magnificence of its size, from the tallest of its branches clouds could be seen gently caressing the gigantic trunk far below. This was the Tree of Happiness. Each leaf was the size of a hundred whales and each flower was a hundred elephants. From one of its fruits one million beings could eat for three consecutive days. That was the Tree of Happiness.
High upon a branch lived a small bird, this bird was the embodiment of all beautiful things in the world. The feathers of its chest were bright like the midday sun, the feathers of its wings were like rubies of a gleaming scarlet. Its beak was very long and elegant so that it could suck from the nectar bags hidden within the Tree of Happiness' oversized flowers. The eyes of this bird were yellow, like the sun at dawn, of an intensity that could burn souls to ashes. The tail was also long, with multicolored feathers so beautiful it defies description, every type of yellow, orange, and red that ever existed in this universe could be found in the tail of this bird. The name of this bird was Love.

The Tree of Happiness was Love's world. Love would fly across the immensity of the tree; there was no limits or boundaries to it. No branch was inaccessible to Love's powerful wings. It was Love's favorite activity to fly up to the tallest branch and then free fall for minutes while dodging countless branches. The feeling of falling at great speeds was exhilarating, it was almost divine. Most organisms living at the tree were certain that Love had gone crazy and wanted to throw itself directly into the abysses of  death. Before dusk, Love would sit upon a leave and sing the Melodies of Courage, songs so deeply touching that any being that heard them felt the strength of one thousand lions and was inspired to achieve feats that no other being had dared to attempt before. Love had many songs; for example, the Song of Dreams, it was so powerful that all who heard this song was immediately transported to lands of perfection. This bird was admired by every being living in the Tree of Happiness, everyone wanted to see Love, everyone thought of Love, everyone envied Love.
And so it happened one day that the Monster of Confusion was awakened from its deep slumber underneath the mountains in the far far west. This monster was the most fearsome creature in the planet. Its body had no constant shape, one day it could be the size of an ant, the next one it could grow the size of skyscrapers. Each transformation brought to the monster an infinity of pain. It had seven limbs one day and the next it was just like an enormous slug. Its shape-changing body was black, a black like emptiness, like nothingness. And it threw up a substance so nauseating beings called it the Saliva of Despair, because every organism that came into contact with this substance would immediately degenerate until the body had lost any form, it would become an amorphous living sack. The body of the Monster of Confusion exuded constantly another viscous substance of equal destructive power that poisoned every living thing in a matter of seconds. Thus, the monster left a trail of death and misery as it moved around the planet.
Perhaps it was fate but the day of solstice when the sun was the furthest from the planet, the Monster of Confusion set its course unknowingly towards the Tree of Happiness. This day Love was standing on the tallest branch, contemplating the wonders of the world before diving down. From up there it could see the curvature of the planet and realizing that the world was a finite place gave Love an unexpected satisfaction. It also happened that this day the Monster of Confusion was taller than the tallest mountain and its body was fatter than the grandest of canyons. How many beings perished this day? How much suffering was laid upon the earth? And just before Love let itself go into free fall it saw far in the distance the approaching monster. It did not have to wait too long before the news that the Monster of Confusion would arrive in just a few hours reached it. With that size the monster was covering enormous distances in a very short time. Its shape did not change that much, if at all it just got bigger.
No being inhabiting the Tree of Happiness was brave enough to fight the Monster of Confusion. No one was strong enough to push it away from its path. Everything that could move fled. Even the Monkeys of Friendship, so numerous, so strong and unconditional, ran away. Except Love. Love stayed, Love decided to fight, it would not abandon the tree in this great moment of peril. But what could it do? Love was diminutive in comparison to the monster.

When the Monster of Confusion saw the Tree of Happiness for the first time, it immediately knew that it had to be destroyed. It could not stand the tree's mightiness, it made the ugly monster incredibly sick and angry. It was the only thing in its entire existence the Monster of Confusion was certain about, that alone was unacceptable. And that evil certainty only made it bigger and bigger—it was already bigger than the tree. But Love not for a second doubted that it could protect the tree: it was maybe something instinctual, perhaps it was something natural for this species of birds. Love also knew what it had to do. So Love started flying towards the sun, it flew and flew nonstop, with every flap of its wings it got faster and faster until Love surpassed the speed of light. So powerful were the wings of Love. In a matter of minutes, like a ray of hope, Love penetrated the sun until it reached the core. An unimaginable power started flowing trough each one of Love's atoms. Its feathers were set in a fire more ferocious than any fire, its eyes became a plasma more incandescent than any plasma. The sound of its heart beating was so potent that every planet orbiting the sun rattled and earthquakes were felt even in the furthest of asteroids as gravity itself was wobbling in disarray. Then with one single flap of its flaming wings, it traveled the entire distance from the sun to the earth in a fraction of a second, and like a spear of justice it pierced the Monster of Confusion through its vile heart. The Monster of Confusion was consumed by Love's fire until every particle of darkness dissipated into harmless heat.

Love had defeated the Monster of Confusion. It had won this mortal battle. It had protected the Tree of Happiness at the cost of its own life, because it was its own life-force that became the ultimate fire that burns it all. It was a worthy sacrifice because the sight of the Tree of Happiness obliterated by that horrible monster would have killed it nonetheless; it would have been an intolerable pain, sadness deeper than the oceans. Love with its last remaining drop of life took a final look at the tree it loved so much, sang a final farewell song, and dissipated into non-existence.

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