Jan 10, 2012


Ghostly movements of confusion
Spattered by clashing waves of seas
Salty, uncertain, unstoppable

I look beyond the horizon and see perfection in a stranger's eye

Withering lives
The incessant motion to nothingness
Not yet, not yet

I walk the path of youth unscathed and tremble to the sound of sorrow

Insubstantial, dimming, fading
Through walls of rock
The whisper, the murmur

I keep my gaze steady when the thunderous wind insults my face

Seedlings of renewal
Confident, unhurried, eternal
Reach, just extend those branches and reach

I will rain again and wash away the pain, the happiness, the glory, the shame

Calm, replenished, beautiful
Spirit of the Night and Spirit of the Day
Do sing, do dance

I, the ethereal ghost and the motion, die, go, am

Hokusai Wave

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