Sep 28, 2011

Gigantic (Flash Fiction)

The other day I was walking around Trocadero with my friend, she's from Moscow and had come to visit Paris for the very first time. We wanted to see the Eiffel tower and she wished to go to the top... when all of a sudden we heard some thunderous rumble. In the distance we saw a gigantic creature, at least 200 meters tall... it looked human, male, he was naked, white skin with numerous freckles, blonde, he seemed retarded and angry. He was coming directly to the tower, stepping on people as he crossed Champ de Mars. People was in panic, I was in panic! The strange humongous retarded human reached the tower, grabbed it and tried to shake it off the ground with all his might. People was sent flying... but the tower withstood the rattle. When the big monster got tired simply left with an expression of disappointment.

I wonder what is of him? Was he annihilated by the military? Or taking to a top secret facility for experimentation? I will never know.

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