Sep 30, 2011

Daisy (Flash Fiction)

Two days after I arrived to Colombia, a Friday afternoon, I felt a barely perceptible discomfort on my left ear. I thought that it was something insignificant and that it would disappear in a few minutes, but contrary to my expectations the discomfort quickly transformed into severe pain. At night I was already at my limit, I was suffering badly and my hearing was quite impaired. Next morning, I wanted to see if I could look inside the ear by taking a picture of it, and perhaps by zooming in I could catch some details. When I inspected the picture I noticed something unusual: from the ear canal tiny green filaments were sprouting. After a couple of hours I was able to clearly see in the mirror a couple of delicate stems holding proudly quite a few emerald leaves. The plant grew and grew until I was hardly able to keep my head straight, then a beautiful daisy blossomed, showing off elegant white petals and a golden heart.

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