Jun 6, 2011

The Flow of Life

It makes part of being human to experience suffering, to feel worried or stressed, to feel anxiety or fear, to feel insecure or embarrassed, to get angry or jealous, to feel alone or desperate. It is also true that most of the suffering we experience is unnecessary. We worry when everything is fine; we become stressed if we have an extra heavy load of work or we are with no money at all; we might fear losing a job, losing a girlfriend; we feel insecure of our looks, our intellect, our economical situation; we try to keep in control and rigid at all times so that we never make a fool of ourselves; we become angry for a meaningless nuisance and unjustly to people without fault; we cling to vicious or dead relationships because of fear of being lonely, unable to let go; et cetera. Most of human suffering is utterly useless and completely pointless.

If most of our suffering is useless and pointless, then why do we suffer and where does this suffering come from? We suffer because we do not understand the mechanisms of life, the true nature of life, the ways of life. It comes from our misunderstanding of the meaning of life and this misunderstanding endures true a person’s lifetime because lack of knowledge and reflection on our individual life and experience. It means that by understanding the ways of life it is possible to eliminate most of our suffering; it means more happiness, more fun, better relationships, better health, and a longer life expectancy.

So what is the true nature of life? What are the ways of life? Life is complex; to understand life we must observe it with detail, we must acknowledge and be aware of its existence, we must love it. One of the many aspects of its nature is what I call: “The Flow of Life”.

Life is like time: time flows unstoppably and life flows unstoppably. Life flows… life flows… life flows… so let it flow. Life must be lived one step at the time; just as time can’t be sped up to make seconds go faster, the same applies to life, there’s nothing we can do to speed up life. So let’s not rush it, let’s not be impatient, there’s no need to hurry up: all the men or women of the world won’t disappear tomorrow, all the money of the world won’t go away tomorrow, all the dreams and goals won’t have to be realized tomorrow. The opposite is also true, just like time can’t be slowed down, the same goes for life, we can’t stop its flow: if we feel we’re not doing the best we can do of our lives and we feel that life is escaping away from our grasp… hey! Don’t worry; there will always be one new day and one brand new opportunity.

If the lady at the other side of the desk is unhelpful and rude: whatever man, just let it flow… there’s no need to get upset or angry at her. Probably it’s not even her fault and most of people have shown her little or no respect. Just be patient, smile, be calm… life flows.

If the seven years relationship has become monotonous and boring and the passion has been replaced with arguments, there’s abuse and the beautiful memories have long been eclipsed by dullness or resentment… just break up, just let go… there’s absolutely nothing to fear, let life flow. New people will always come, new beautiful and better relationships will always be born again. It is the flow of life.

If work is going crazy, lots of things to do, too many deadlines, too little time… whatever man, what can we do? Just let life flow, the best we can do is to do one thing at the time, one thing at the time. Everything will get sorted out eventually, that’s how life works baby! It’s the flow of life, no need for stress. We won’t die if we miss a deadline, we won’t get a terminal disease if we can’t finish today, and we won’t starve and die of dehydration if we take a break or take it easy a little.

It is essential to see the flow of life. In order to see the flow of life we must master the art of patience. To master the art of patience we must carefully observe and study ourselves in relationship to the people around us, we must find the similarities between the people around us and us, we must be aware of what makes us different too, thus we will gain a better understanding of ourselves and our lives and others and their lives too. Then, by learning to see what we really are and what people around us really are, we will learn to be truly patient; and only by mastering patience it is possible to clearly see the flow of life.

So, just let it flow, it's alright.

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